Team & Supporters

Meet the team…

Tala and Malaya

Tala and Malaya

Malaya David (10 years)

Writer: Tala David (13 years)

Support Staff: Amado David and Jacque Agtuca

Philippine Connect: Geline Avila and Isabella Borgeson

Website: Jamie Waters

SUPPORTERS (this list is growing!…)

“Loving the work being done by (very!) young activists, with the help of ancient (Amado) activists! I will wear my bracelet proudly. Keep up the amazing work!” – Allynn U., Brooklyn, NY

“This is an inspiring project!” – Leon D., Washington DC

Alison P., Seattle WA
April J., Hacienda Heights CA
Ardath B.
Ann S., Berkeley CA
Autumn S., Lakewood CA
Barbara J.
Bert D., Sugarland TX
Beverly N.
Brian Y.
Carolyn L., South San Francisco CA
Cassie H., Holden MA
Christina T., San Clemente CA
Christine A., San Leandro CA
Christine M., S Yarmouth MA
Cheryl B., Oakland CA
Connie D.
Connie L.
Daphne B., Vallejo CA
Darnell D., Land O Lakes FL
Don P.
Eileen M., Carmichael CA
Ellen D.
Emelita H., American Canyon CA
Esther C., Laguna Niguel CA
Evelina S.
Ginger S.
Grace P., Oakland CA
Greg S., Long Beach CA
Gregorio S., Pasadena CA
Hilda R., Oakland CA
Jade C., Oakland CA
Jasmine M., Berkeley CA
Jason R., Pasadena CA
Jenn Y., Norwalk CA
Jo Anne G., South San Francisco CA
Joey C., Bahrain Saudi Arabia
John P., Berkeley CA
Jolene A., Seattle WA
Karen S.
Kathy G.
Keyanna D., Oakland CA
Klara K.
Kristina J., Sumner WA
Leo M., Sugarland TX
Leon D., Washington DC
Lindsay G., Canoga Park CA
Lorraine L., Los Angeles CA
Lovelyn N., Brentwood CA
Lynn H., Vallejo CA
Maribeth D, Oakland CA
Marlan M., Springfield VA
Mary Kay H., San Francisco CA
Michelle F.
Mila D., Vallejo CA
Norman Y., Southlake TX
Pam K.
Paola M., Seattle WA
Paul T.
Paula M., San Francisco CA
Penny A.
Rachael Y., Vancouver WA
Rachele V., San Francisco CA
Skye A., Los Angeles CA
Steve L., Richmond CA
Sylvia Y.
Therese B., San Francisco CA
Tom C., Los Angeles CA
Tony L.
Val C., San Mateo CA
Vicki M.
Vinha W., Long Beach CA
Wendy S., Escondido CA


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