Malaya’s Letter


I want to tell you about a project that my sister and I are doing to raise money to help the children in Tacloban. Most of the schools in Tacloban were destroyed by typhoon Haiyan. We want to raise $1,000. to help rebuild an elementary school. We are  in contact with someone in Tacloban to help us find the school to donate it to. As soon as I find out I will let you know the name of the school and hope to be able to send you a picture of the school.

We are making bracelets from rubber bands that we are calling Haiyan Loom. The color red, blue and yellow are the colors of the Philippine flag. It means that the Filipino people are strong in spirit.  We are asking for a donation of $10 or more for each of the Haiyan looms. We are donating all of the profit to help rebuild an elementary school. My only expenses are the rubber bands and clips to make the bracelets and cost of mailing. All of the Haiyan Looms are made by our volunteers of family and friends. I taught my sister and she taught her friends. I also taught Lolo Amado and Lola Jax. I am making news designs. I have a list of 65 family and friends that I hope will donate.

Here are pictures of my Haiyan Looms. They can be worn as a bracelet or also on a dog. I can make them any size. If you want to make a donation let me know. Also if you have any ideas for my Haiyan Looms. My Lolo just set up an account on pay pal but i don’t think it is working yet, you can try it




One thought on “Malaya’s Letter

  1. Great job Malaya. I am impressed when your Lolo Amado shared with us your efforts. You are awesome and on behalf of SEIU- UHW family, you are greatly appreciated. Your hardwork and leadership shows the true meaning of FAMILY and COMMUNITY SERVICE.

    To my family and friends, please order your Typhoon Haiyan bracelets NOW.

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